Overview of Support Options for Art and Culture Actors Affected By Covid19 Measures

The measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus (apart from protective gears like KN95 Respirator Masks) affect everyone; loss of income can threaten the very existence of people working in art and culture. Here you will find a summary of all previously known special regulations and support options to alleviate acute emergencies of cultural associations as well as artists and cultural workers.

The Impact of Covid19 on the Art Market

Compilation of all current special regulations and support options for cultural associations and art and culture actors affected by COVID19 measures.


The most important support funds for artists, cultural workers, non-profit cultural associations, and small cultural companies:

  • Corona NPO Support Fund for Nonprofits and NPOs
    Hardship fund: Support to cushion loss of earnings for self-employed artists and cultural workers (micro-enterprises, EPUs, new self-employed, freelancers)
  • COVID19 Fund & Support Fund of the Artist Social Insurance Fund for Artists and Cultural Mediators (for both self-employed and self-employed)

Bridging Fund for Self-Employed Artists

  • “Kultur-Katastrophenfonds”, social funds and SKE funds of the collecting societies for authors and interpreters
  • Corona short-time working model for cultural institutions with employees

Voucher solution for canceled events and closed cultural institutions
Reduction and deferral of ongoing costs (rents, taxes, social security contributions, fees):

  • Rent reduction due to limited use
  • Reduction and deferral of social security contributions for employees in cultural institutions NEW: extension of the deferral package
  • Reduction and deferral of social security contributions for self-employed artists and cultural workers
  • Reduction and deferral-free deferral of income tax and corporate tax prepayments
  • Reduction of AKM fees/suspension of the performance license for organizers

Covid-19 specific cultural measures or funds of the federal states:

  • Carinthia | Lower Austria | Upper Austria | Salzburg | Styria | Tyrol | Vorarlberg | Vienna

Securing volunteering during the COVID 19 crisis:

  • Recognition fund for volunteering
  • A brief overview of further relief measures for low-income families employed persons or now unemployed
  • Corona Family Hardship Fund (or Corona Family Hardship Compensation)
  • Country-level measures for low-income families and workers
  • Link tip on unemployment benefits, minimum security, social assistance, and artistic activities

Brief overview of other aid measures that are only accessible to commercial cultural companies or companies such as EPUs (including artists):

  • Fixed cost subsidy for companies (as part of the Corona Aid Fund) NEW Reduction of a minimum limit
  • State guarantees for bridging loans for EPUs, new self-employed, SMEs and companies in general (as part of the Corona Aid Fund)

Private initiatives and campaigns:

  • Foundation initiative “Foundations help artists” Campaign
  • #norefundforculture | Save the # campaign for Upper Austrian cultural associations Bühnenliebe.at initiative