Stop Reading Books, Start Using Them

How do you treat your book? Do you read them or use them?

Book’s DNA is composed of information that helps people become smarter and wiser. In fact, you can travel the world through pages of a book.

But it is how you used this information makes a great difference. Do you just passively read the information or do you apply them in your life?

Today, let us teach you how you can stop “just” reading books and actually start using them. Learn here how!

The Purposes of Learning are Mastery and Implementation

By looking at the premade book’s cover, think of three great ideas. Check on these three ideas, if you find them within the first three chapters, then you don’t need to keep reading.

You can take note and highlight those ideas and eventually put the book aside. You may still find it readable for later, but for now, you already got what you needed: the three ideas.

Oftentimes, it’s actually at the conclusion of each book’s chapters where you can find the best three ideas. That’s because books often end a chapter in a summary with action steps.

Clarity is a Powerful Weapon

Sometimes, reading things only confuses you. Being in a state of confusions often takes away your power to focus and take action.

When things are clear, you’re more likely to take appropriate actions if you have a full understanding of what you’re about to do. If you’re an internet consultant or an entrepreneur, it’s not always about reading to gain knowledge. Instead, it’s all about taking clarity.

Clarity starts with knowing the big distinction between information and knowledge.

Converting Knowledge into Experience

Converting knowledge into an experience is by applying the knowledge to your everyday life. You use acquired knowledge to create ideas, to resolve a problem and to take actions. It is the knowledge that drives you to be richer, happier, smarter, healthier and successful.

Along the way, you will encounter challenges and obstacles. In your constant use of knowledge, you will discover patterns of what works and what doesn’t.

You must make a move and convert this information into knowledge and make it as a life experience. Only then you can you can turn that knowledge into wisdom.