The Effects of Room Temperature to Artworks

Art Gallery

For several decades, galleries and museums are tracked by conservationists who sought to reduce damage to artwork brought on by temperature and humidity fluctuations. Because of this, museums have retained everything at roughly 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) and 55 percent relative humidity. This was helped with mechanical heating air conditioning and cooling systems (check to learn more about getting air conditioning repair and maintenance in NJ). So, why is it important to take into account a room’s temperature and relative humidity where art is being saved?

Growing of fungi and mold

Humidity refers to the amount of moisture from the atmosphere that may cause the development of fungi and mold on art. Mold growth takes place when the room’s relative humidity exceeds 70 percent. Parasites and mold both cause harm.

Swelling of substances

The changes in moisture levels from the atmosphere may bring about the substances utilized in artwork that are fine to swell, shrink, and move. As a few changes to adapt to their surroundings materials react differently to temperature and humidity fluctuations. This sort of change is referred to as shift and may incorporate warping, dislocation of joints cracking and breaking, and loss of surface material.

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Chemical reaction

Art may have a chemical reaction brought on by high humidity levels. These impacts can incorporate the fading of glass corrosion of metals, and yellowing of paper. This type of damage cannot be reversed and may have lasting consequences on the value of this art that was fine.


It may cause a few of the substances to perspiration if temperatures are too large from the space or in the event the box in which artwork has been saved in scale. Colors can be caused by this perspiration to substances and operate to twist. Galleries and museums fight these impacts by not putting their artwork or under the heat of globes.

It is apparent that temperatures and the humidity of the space nice art have been saved in can influence your art. Allow your artwork and do not simply sit around get rid of value. Grace Fine Art offers excellent storage with climate control and security measures which are around the gallery and museum criteria. Get in contact with us to explore your storage that is fine.