Video Games as a Form of Art

Video games exist because they’re composed of several types of conventional artwork, where the participant is no longer only an observer – as one might maintain admiring a painting on a wall or a sculpture on a base. If you are looking for artistic games, check this site for more AFK Arena gift codes. The participant is an active player in the development of this form of art. Video games arose in the technology playgrounds of their 1950s and 60s and forced their way to houses in the early 1970s. See some of the examples below.

Shadow of the Collosus

It doesn’t mean that video games grow to this psychological level – as each canvas that has paint applied to it might not be adopted as artwork by culture. However, as an art form that’s still in its early phases, the rapid speed at which the medium has enlarged to accomplish output worthy of the definition is astonishing.


While rudimentary by today’s standards, these machines held enormous storytelling possible. If we can employ ourselves to find out how to talk to them we can see our thoughts, stories, and humankind reflected at us.


Reflecting his perspectives on the danger posed by the Cold War, Theurer chose to create his match among the defense. The six cities that the participant protects are in California, where Theurer lived in the moment, also he endured nightmares about the potential devastation they might be subject to for many years.

This is an artist that made a work imbued with his observations and morality of the world around himand that endured this. It’s not any different to the expertise of anybody else that has brought art to the world.

The ambition of ancient game programmers was not any less than people of now, they simply lacked the terminology and resources to fully convey their stories. Over four years after, artists and storytellers no more have these constraints and we “little babies” never ceased playing.

Today, video games are a significant form of artistic expression all over the world. From the digital age, from games which recreate the childlike wonder in finding magic and pleasure on the planet – such as “Super Mario Brothers” – to people who explore the hopelessness of losing a kid –  in”That Dragon,” – video games are capable of expressing the complete breadth of human experience.

In a time when tech is no more a substantial limit, game programmers often create deliberate limitations – for example limited color palettes, restricted controllers, or even abstract depictions – from artistic options to improve the emotion and narrative conveyed.

Since video games require our attention and attempt to genuinely participate together, it is simple for people who don’t play to become dismissive of their medium. The tales which reflect our planet, show our ambitions, question social standards, challenge our very own morality, or just exist to bring people together, are voiced through so a number of these games.