Creative Hobby: Art Of Crocheting Animals

Crocheting animals is easy and quickly addictive. In addition, crocheted animals are very trendy. It is a creative hobby that can hone your artistic skills.

Why should you crochet animals? Create your own zoo at home

Crocheted animals make great souvenirs. From the snake to the giraffe, every amigurumi animal like amigurumi cat is really feasible. You always choose the material yourself.

Non-toxic yarn is essential, especially when it comes to cuddly toys for babies. With safety eyes and cuddly wool, your amigurumi animal will immediately become your most loyal companion.

Trending amigurumi

It’s hardly surprising that amigurumi have become the absolute trend in the crochet world. The technique, which actually comes from Japan, is so simple that you can quickly achieve success even as a beginner. The basis is always crocheting in rounds. The rest largely comes from increases and decreases. This is how you create small, cute crochet figures to love from simple, round shapes.

The cutest family union: mommy and baby whale

Does your zoo have an aquarium? If not, you should definitely get one. Because not every amigurumi animal comes on feet, for example the whale family. Alternatively, Mama Whale is also suitable as a music box, while Baby Whale on the pram chain fascinates the little ones.

Not only for Wendy readers: horse Anna

If you want to crochet cuddly toys for your own petting zoo, you can hardly avoid Anna the horse. Make a large version in white and a small one in brown. They all look super cute with curly manes and tails.

amigurumi cat

Your friend from the treetops: Fred Sloth

Here’s another nice guide for beginners. If you’re new to crocheting animals, Fred the sloth will steal your heart. With just a little prior knowledge, you can conjure up a super chilled contemporary in no time.

Crocheting animals is very trendy and also very easy. Simply search for your favorite animal, check your material supplies and let the crochet hook rattle.

The art of crocheting reduces loneliness and strengthens social contacts. When you share this hobby with other parents, you can connect with many different people. In addition, you can get some ideas for your next crochet projects.