The Best Types of Street Art

Street art may not be as well-known or prestigious as other types of art, but it has its intrinsic beauty. It’s right in front of us, and we don’t have to go out of our way to find it. We might need to put some time into research or exploration before finding that perfect piece for us.

Street art is a vital, intangible part of urban culture. It’s the art that everyone can see, and everyone can appreciate. It’s a different way to express yourself in the world and allows you to improve things where you live.

Street art is typically created on surfaces in public areas, like walls and pillars. The thing about it is that it’s usually temporary – unless you have permission from the owners!

There are many ways to create street art, and each has unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, some types of artwork are more intense or require more time than others. But what makes something great?

Street artists have been around for centuries, but most would not use the term “easy” to describe their work.

The following are some ways to create easy street art:

  • Draw something on paper, cardboard, etc., then draw over it with a marker or paint it in various colors.
  • Use markers or paint to draw on walls around the city before posting an image of it to your Instagram account and tagging the location of the wall in your post.
  • Use detailing tools like stencils and spray paint cans in hardware stores to add further detail. 

The idea behind easy street art is that anyone can create an art piece with minimal skills and earnings. It can be as simplistic as drawing with a marker or painting with a sponge.