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Different Types of Art Paintings You will Appreciate

Art can be found in many different aspects. For instance, the installation of metal roofing CT can be considered as an art itself depending on the intricacy of the project performed. The way you organize your stuff to make it look appealing in the eyes; it can be considered as art too. But if you think that fine art is just about painting of famous and renowned artists, you are wrong. There are actually many different subsections of it that defines what category it falls into.


This is otherwise known as naturalism or an art style that is deemed by many as “real art”. This is due to the reason that it tries to portray its subject as it appears in real life but is short of looking like the ones taken in photos.

This art follows formal artistic theory and stylization. Rather than spending most of time and effort to pay attention to create accurate depiction of the objects and life forms, the artist’s perspective is focused more on the illusion of reality, darks and lights, good composition as well as tone and color.


Also called by many names like sharp focus realism, super realism as well as hyper realism. This is a style of art where artwork looks as if it’s a real photo.

 The illusion of reality is fine-tuned that the painting appears more of a large and sharply focused photo on canvas. It’s a kind of style in which careful attention to detail is considered.


This is a style of art that is being characterized by the visible texture and brushstrokes left in paint medium. Artworks that feature this style of art may be created by using acrylics, oils, gouache, watercolour or any other medium where brush is used.

Back then, painters are having a difficult time in eliminating textures or brushstrokes from their painting by blending and working their paint. With painterly artists though, it’s not the case. They are not bothered of the brushwork being seen as for them, it is art in its own nature. Thus in painterly, it is pretty common to see thin layers of paint, which is perfectly normal.

Types of Visual Arts that are Widely Popular Today

Visual arts art forms you could see just like the following:

  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Filmmaking and;
  • Photography

Design as well as working with textiles are oftentimes considered as visual art as well. As a matter of fact, over the course of centuries, visual arts have seen great changes. Throughout the Middle Ages, artists then created sculptures, paintings or prints and eventually become famous. These days, visual arts can be applied to a number of different forms such as what stated above.

Let us discuss some of the art forms further in the next lines.


This form of visual art is all about creating pictures using wide varieties of tools. But in most cases, it is done using pens, markers, crayons or pencils. Artists are drawing on different kinds of surfaces just like a canvas or paper. Believe it or not, the very first drawings that were ever discovered dated back for as far as 30,000 years ago.


In most cases, painting is deemed as the most significant form of visual art. It’s all about putting colors either on a wall or canvas. Painters are expressing their ideas via combination of colors as well as different strokes of brush.

In addition to that, painting is among the oldest types of visual art. In old caves actually, prehistoric people have painted their hunting scenes onto its walls. In fact, throughout the Renaissance period, painting became a vital piece of art. Italy then became the epicenter of Renaissance painting. Throughout this era, it has produced masters of painting like Titian, Raphael and Michelangelo.


Then on printmaking, this is made by means of covering a plate with ink and then, pressing it onto the surface of another object. In fact, it can sometimes be used in T-shirt designs or if you want to customize the waist trainer you bought from, that would be possible as well.

Truth is, the first prints were made during the ancient Mesopotamia. Later on, it shoots to popularity in China and ancient Egypt. Printmaking then spreads to different parts of Europe to the end of Middle Ages.

Selling Your Masterpieces Online

Do you have exceptional art skills and have created various artworks already? Perhaps, they are now starting to take up space in your home or studio. Have you ever considered selling them online to generate some money out of it? Or, you may have taken some commissioned work already but just not sure how it has to be done.

By this time, it even makes you ask yourself, how to sell art for a living?

Believe it or not, many of the artists are making money simply by accepting custom artwork for clients. It is both a fun and a challenging experience. Of course, there are issues that would come along the way. So before taking the plunge in selling your personal artworks online in Magento, here are few things that must be taken into account first.

How much to Charge for Your Work?

This is a very common question. What’s unfortunate is that, there’s no standard when it comes to pricing and how much artists should charge clients. What has to be considered though, is to never undersell yourself.

When placing a price on your artwork, clients will be valuing it as per the amount they’ve paid you for it. There’s plethora of pricing factors to be considered and it never hurts to go to extreme lengths. You may either give it as gift, which is truly appreciated and give it a priceless value or, give it a top-dollar value.

Either way, the recipient will definitely appreciate it and treasure it forever. If given as gift, it creates a sentimental value and then for high priced, it automatically becomes an investment. So it’s a win-win situation.

Why Underselling Hurts You as an Artist?

Buyers will be valuing the artwork accordingly. Having said that, if they’ve paid 25 dollars for it, then don’t expect them to treasure it as they would have if they paid 2,500 dollars in it. Keep in mind, it is you who set the pricing for your art and how much it is worth. Sell it cheap and it may just end up in garage sale; now that is an eyesore for any artists.