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Visual art: Tips to look at a painting

Art can be challenging and sometimes a bit intimidating to the average viewer. But with these tips, you can become an art expert.

Previous knowledge is not required

Understanding art and paintings is not an innate skill, it is something to be learned. You do not need exact prior knowledge of art history to enjoy a work of art or to develop your own taste. You just need to know how to look at art. Just a few points are necessary for you to know how. And maybe you will soon become an art lover yourself.

Simple but very effective points

Point 1: A closer look

Sounds obvious, but it’s not. Unfortunately, many people often do not take enough time to look at them. Visitors to a museum spend an average of 15 seconds in front of a painting. So just start by taking more time to contemplate and be aware of what you actually have in front of you. Let the size, colors, and materials of the work of art affect you.

Point 2: Realize what is in front of you

Knowing is not the same as looking. When you look at something, the point is to describe what is in front of you. It is only when you try to discern what is in front of you that you add meaning to what you see. In the visual arts, one speaks here about iconography. For example, these could be certain symbols on a painting that you can interpret such as abstract images from

Point 3: thinking

The last point is all about thinking about what you see. The point is to connect the first two points and think about possible interpretations. Giving something meaning is extremely subjective; it’s not about facts.

But it makes sense to put an image in a broad context. Information from stickers and descriptions help fill the context. You can assign the work to a specific period or relate it to an artist or a movement.

By combining all of the elements of these three items, you can give meaning to an image.

Major Visual Art Cities in Germany

Germany as a travel destination provides guests a variety of fine arts museums in different cities. There are different museums where you can visit and appreciate arts. You will see that some of the buildings there have used floorings the same as Epoxy coatings in Brisbane.

The four most important art cities in Germany


Berlin’s cultural offer is enormous. Above all, the Museum Island, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its architectural ensemble, holds the Old National Gallery and a unique collection on the art and cultural history of Europe and the Mediterranean region. The oldest exhibition building on the island is the Old Museum.

In the New Museum awaits one of the most beautiful sculptures in the world to the visitors: the bust of Nefertiti in the Egyptian Museum. A contrast to this is the Bode Museum with the sculpture collection, the Museum of Byzantine Art and the Coin Cabinet. The youngest exhibition building is the Pergamon Museum. The imposing Pergamon Altar, next to the Ishtar Gate, attracts numerous guests to the Museum of Islamic Art.


The city of Munich is particularly impressive with its collection of paintings in the Pinakotheken. In the Alte Pinakothek, you can experience European art from the 14th to 18th centuries. Numerous pictures by Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Dürer, Leonard da Vinci, Raffael, Rembrandt and Titian take you back to these artistic epochs. The collection of the Neue Pinakothek is dedicated to the art of the 19th century. Works by Romantic painters such as Caspar David Friedrich and Carl Blechen as well as Impressionist paintings by Max Liebermann, Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet are on display. Art from the 20th and 21st centuries can be found in the Pinakothek der Moderne. Works from classical modernism to the present are exhibited.


Dresden can boast a rich treasure trove of Baroque and Old Masters art. An extraordinary collection shows treasures, gilded vessels, preciously decorated natural objects and filigree pieces of jewelry, all presented in an authentic baroque treasure chamber, the historic green vault. In addition to Raphael’s world-famous “Sistine Madonna”, works by European artists from the 15th to 18th centuries are shown in the Old Masters Picture Gallery in the Zwinge. The largest Cranach collection in the world is also at home here. Here you will find our suggested city trip to Dresden.


Architecture is an important topic in Weimar. In addition to Goethe’s house and the Duchess Anna Amalia Library, the Bauhaus is a magnet for visitors.

Ideas and Styles of Visual Arts

Fine arts have undergone an extremely diverse development, particularly in the past 100 years. While there used to be considerable restrictions on creative freedom and the artist had to follow many rules so that his work was recognized as such, there are no longer any taboos. The artists have fully exploited their new freedoms and it is becoming increasingly difficult to invent or design something “new”.

Of course, the principle also applies in the field of fine art that nobody can draw from nothing and that the work of an artist builds on what is available. As in all areas, it is therefore part of everyday life in the visual arts to imitate or copy forms, styles, and ideas. It is not uncommon for the people affected to see their rights being violated.

Ideas of visual art

An important principle in copyright law is the freedom of the idea. An image idea is not protected by copyright. Only the concrete implementation in a certain form which are sketch, painting, and sculpture is protected. Any idea can be carried out in many different ways like the cool sculpting in New Jersey.

Take, for example, the sacrament of Jesus Christ. Hardly any other topic has experienced such diverse interpretations. Nevertheless, each of these interpretations is protected independently, and in its concrete embodiment. On the other hand, the idea behind it remains free. Everyone can pick them up and make and present their own interpretation.

Styles of visual art

The same applies to styles. A painting style, no matter how innovative, cannot be protected and can be copied by any person. Only the specific work carried out in the style concerned can be protected. Freedom of style is necessary, otherwise cultural creation would be completely lame, since every artist would have to live with the fear of copying an existing style in his work. There would also be hardly any opportunity to try out different styles and develop artistically. Copyright was not developed to restrict artistic freedom, on the contrary, it was designed to create incentives that promote cultural creation.

Because of this freedom, there are several types of visual arts that are popular these days.

Stop Reading Books, Start Using Them

How do you treat your book? Do you read them or use them?

Book’s DNA is composed of information that helps people become smarter and wiser. In fact, you can travel the world through pages of a book.

But it is how you used this information makes a great difference. Do you just passively read the information or do you apply them in your life?

Today, let us teach you how you can stop “just” reading books and actually start using them. Learn here how!

The Purposes of Learning are Mastery and Implementation

By looking at the premade book’s cover, think of three great ideas. Check on these three ideas, if you find them within the first three chapters, then you don’t need to keep reading.

You can take note and highlight those ideas and eventually put the book aside. You may still find it readable for later, but for now, you already got what you needed: the three ideas.

Oftentimes, it’s actually at the conclusion of each book’s chapters where you can find the best three ideas. That’s because books often end a chapter in a summary with action steps.

Clarity is a Powerful Weapon

Sometimes, reading things only confuses you. Being in a state of confusions often takes away your power to focus and take action.

When things are clear, you’re more likely to take appropriate actions if you have a full understanding of what you’re about to do. If you’re an internet consultant or an entrepreneur, it’s not always about reading to gain knowledge. Instead, it’s all about taking clarity.

Clarity starts with knowing the big distinction between information and knowledge.

Converting Knowledge into Experience

Converting knowledge into an experience is by applying the knowledge to your everyday life. You use acquired knowledge to create ideas, to resolve a problem and to take actions. It is the knowledge that drives you to be richer, happier, smarter, healthier and successful.

Along the way, you will encounter challenges and obstacles. In your constant use of knowledge, you will discover patterns of what works and what doesn’t.

You must make a move and convert this information into knowledge and make it as a life experience. Only then you can you can turn that knowledge into wisdom.

Revamping Old Tiles to Look New

Old ceramic tiles can ruin the look of any room. Before you begin ripping them off the walls, try giving your old tiles a fresh look

. Whether they’re chipped, cracked, discoloured or out-of-date, a variety of budget-friendly solutions are available. Professional decorating tips from the best tile levelling system
can help you give your old tiles an instant facelift to improve their appearance.

Clean and Dainty

Sometimes ceramic tiles just need a thorough cleaning to make them sparkle and shine. Ceramic tiles on kitchen countertops or backsplashes can accumulate grime and grease, making them look old and dull.

Spray the tiles with a degreaser, and wipe them down with a clean rag. Next, scrub the tiles with a sponge dipped in a mixture of liquid dish soap and warm water. Wipe the tiles with a clean rag dampened with rubbing alcohol to remove every last trace of grease and dirt.


Give your old ceramic tiles a fresh look by applying a new paint colour. Choose a paint colour that complements the room’s existing furnishings and decor.

Clean your tiles and brush on a surface conditioner to prepare the tiles for painting. Use a paintbrush to apply a thin coat of enamel paint to each tile.

Allow the tiles to dry overnight before applying a second coat. Apply a final coat of paint with a foam roller to cover any brush strokes. You can also design an artistic pattern by using two or more paint colours. For example, create a black-and-white checkerboard design by alternating between black and white paints.


Decorating your tiles with stencils or decals gives them an instant makeover. Select a stencil or decal motif to enhance your decorating style. For example, leaves, flowers, acorns or ferns complement a nature-inspired theme. Clean the tiles and apply a conditioner before stencilling.

Attach a stencil to the tile with blue painter’s tape. Dab your stencil brush into the enamel paint and blot it on a paper towel until it’s almost dry. Use a stippling, up-and-down motion with your brush against the stencil.

Allow the paint to dry and remove your stencil from the tile. You can also apply decals to freshen up your old tiles. Tile decals are available in assorted shapes, sizes and styles. They are often applied by moistening the back of the decal with water and pressing it against the tile.


Top Virtual Reality Artists

Yes,  the new generation of Van Goh is here, and they could be the next big sensation everyone could be talking about.

Virtual Reality is not just an up and coming buzzword in the world of tech, it is the next big platform for all artists to strut their stuff on. And while it will take a while for the VR platforms to become a reality for everyone, there are those who are ahead of everyone else in creating VR art.

Today, let us find out who are these artists and get to know some of the best arts they have created through virtual reality.

Elizabeth Edwards

Her works of art are astonishing to behold, and frankly light years ahead of anything that’s out there. She has embraced 3D art in a way that other artists haven’t yet been able to.

“It’s difficult to get across just how much of a difference it makes to look at a 3D thing you’re making in stereoscopic 3D — as close to how we see things in the real world as we can get,” says Edwards.

Stuart Campbell

Indeed, she was the a.k.a. sutu eats flies is a phenomenal 2D artist who has taken to 3D art like a charm. Campbell’s work strives to achieve something unique with 3D art, showcasing the myriad possibilities of the medium. In his own gritty style, he is making the 3D art world his own.

Gio Napkil

This guy is what you’d call a Virtual Reality sculptor. His artworks range from the astonishing to the grotesquely astonishing. Indeed, he is behind the best films you are enjoying, and you can’t dare believe it not until now.

Giovanni Nakpil is profoundly influenced by the magic of sci-fi and horror films. His multidisciplinary career led him to various art positions across the country, such as digital model supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). Giovanni has worked on principal creatures for “Star Trek” and “The Avengers,” among other notable Hollywood films. He has also designed and built video game assets for Valve Corporation.

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Faucets with Artistic Designs

Equipped with today’s focus on hygiene and food preparation in addition to design in your mind, this merchandise has found its way to the house, and I believe that it’s only a matter of time until it is offered in most taps.

Add excitement to your toilet this season taps like pieces of artwork.

Embossed faucet
These sink taps produced by producer Daniel Rubinetterie are made with a method that is made up of embossing images onto taps. The outcome is tasteful and contemporary.

Swan faucet
Require your sink into the level concerning design with a swan-shaped kitchen faucet and its amazing faucet features.

Abstract design
Faucets do not have to be dull, and this particular one also, using noodles and design made from magnesium, zinc is far out of it. Handles add some sparkle.

Sterile and modern
Sometimes the designs may be the most artistic, while details have their location. Case in point: This faucet looks good without having any attributes. Its color also changes, that’s why it’s considered as hi-tech faucet such as touchless kitchen faucet.

Two-in-one faucet
This layout — a stunning faucet on one side plus a container on the opposite fascinated us. Use it to anything in a blossom to a place.

Apartment faucet
Looking much we adore the layout of the sink. The ergonomically designed faucet comes in many finishes, such as matte black nickel chrome, plus whitened.

Rainfall faucet
This faucet sets water flows out of the tap, a twist. The spout and the form produce a look with a touch of smart.

Stylish simplicity
Chrome finish and lines combine to make a look ideal in almost any toilet.

Professional faucet
Give your bathroom an industrial appearance with a tap motivated by gate valves. We adore the form that has been provided an update along with the end.

Stone and Metallic faucet
This metallic and rock faucet combines contemporary design. A modern faucet tops the slate base. Pick from metals in a polished or brushed finish.


Visual Arts Today In Social Media

Do you love spending time browsing various social media platforms? This is one of the most common things people are doing when they have their leisure time- allowing themselves to experience the perks of technology.

There are many applications or software today that are very useful in the everyday life of every individual. This generation was blessed by many products of technology, as a result, people are able to do their tasks in an easier and faster way.

Visual arts today have a lot of forms to try by every individual, the most interesting form is that it flows within the technology to this generation. Tiktok app today is another form of visual art that allows every TikTok viewer to enjoy the fruits of arts by means of social media. 


Forms of Visual Arts In Social Media


  1. TikTok Application

It is one of the best social media apps that reflects visual arts. People can upload their various videos, photos, and as well as interesting gestures. Videos can be in the form of dancing, singing or acting which are all the forms of arts. Today, people are able to participate in arts with the help of this social media application. 


  • Youtube. 


There are a lot of people who engage themselves in this kind of social media application today. This is because they find it very interesting and helpful as well- they can get enough knowledge, life hacks and other forms of visual arts.

Visual arts have a diverse meaning that speaks the culture and history of the place and thus technology today helps to reach more people through social media. There are many informative videos on youtube, such as how to draw, paint that will surely help every individual to get more knowledge on how flexible visual arts today.




People need to engage themselves in social media with of course helping them to understand more about the visual arts. Various social media applications or platforms are being used for the benefits of every individual and as well as to show the people how powerful the arts could be today, and how they influenced by social media.

The Refrigerator Paintings Exhibition

The Painting Center is happy to exhibit Refrigerator Paintings. This body of work concentrates on the subjects of the refrigerator, meals, and spaces. Levinthal recognized this within her life provided an intriguing place to explore questions constantly. Storyline lifestyle, distances, obscured shape and also light’s lack and abundance is embedded inside this setting.

The painter is the recipient. She’s participated in a lot of exhibits including set shows at several locations in New York.

Occupying the Painting Center’s pantry-size job room hangs a luminous body of work: “Refrigerator Paintings”.

Levinthal renders errant foodstuffs and tableware — a quilt, a banana at layers of cherry and navy highlighted with daubs of daubs and ochre. The forms are occasionally scratched by the artist into the work’s top layer.

The paintings’ quotidian material, options that are significant color, and vision create the bits feel earthy and evasive. When studying the functions together in the very small area, the audience is aware not only the physiological action attendant to a midnight snack–that the tiptoeing, rummaging about, also peering to a chilly ill-stocked cavity whilst half-asleep–but additionally the fluorescent air and pirouetting shadows cast with a cracked-open refrigerator door (and you may check out for more information about refrigerators).

The display, however, is greater than a rendering of experience. There is humor in this job. In one of her art, by way of instance, the painter leaves a figure in shape, staring in an open fridge. The glasses of the woman seem to be levitating from the bottom left corner of the panel. The figure may be Levinthal, however as audiences, no matter her individuality, we presume that her vantage point: that the melon appears like the conjuring of a knoll, and the refrigerator’s shelves read as arctic boardwalks, maybe not grates.

However, this makes sense once we understand that “Refrigerator Paintings” is not really considering satiating a bodily appetite. The exhibit points into the mixture of longing and comedy and desires associated.


Man illegally selling printed murals for profit

A mural artist, whose passion and creativity to paint made the downtown popular for street art, making it an ideal set for TV commercial, travel brochures, tour groups and also for social media posts, has the eagerness to protect the murals from people whose taking advantage for their own profit.

It happened as he knew about a gallery owner whose making illegal profit by selling printed pictures of St. Petersburg’s street murals. He went upstairs to Pop-Up Art Gallery and Tea Shop, exposed the gallery owner by focusing his camera on the owner as behind him a display of kratom powders and teas.

Then he asked, “Are you selling prints of street murals?”.

As for recognition, the gallery owner was from Nat Geo’s reality show Doomsday Castle about his preparations for the end times. He also had the Rock ‘n’ Roll Bed and Breakfast but failed to launch, the website, or a marijuana wholesale business.

He said that he went to other town for a while to try his marijuana business in Colorado, but then he came back in St. Pete with his new business to sell art and kratom (a legal but arguable and mildly drug substance extracted from leaves).

The art gallery owner’s intention was to showcase the photos of the murals taken by a local photographer and sells the printed images by the amount of $35, then giving a commission of $10 to the muralists.

The local photographer stated that he’s asking permission first to the muralists through e-mail. But he said that the gallery owner make his own move before the respond of permission from the muralists. Then he held a grand opening of the gallery which displayed the mural photos on walls. He handed 100 prints of murals in canvas, in spite of the fact that no local artists had given him permission.

But the gallery owner defended himself by the statement, “What I have are just samples. I am not going to sell them without the artist’s signature with it.”

He also posted the pictures of the printed murals in social media, asking for the artists to sign them. But unfortunately, the muralists who saw their artworks printed without their permission took back on him by exposing the gallery owner through their comments against him that he illegally used their artworks, and with that, some of the muralist made a move for legal action.

One of the muralists visited also the gallery and confronted the owner. The gallery owner was astonished as he was grilled by the muralist.

“I just want to help you to get your artworks into people’s home”, the owner explained, but the muralist didn’t mind his explanation and said that he will come back with his colleagues and he walked out. But the owner asked the muralist, “So I think you’re not going to sign the prints?”. Then the muralist got angry and told him threats.

After all, people are accusing him that he’s drug addict and they mocked him together with his business.

Despite of the issue, the gallery is still open until today. But he insisted that he’s only selling those printed murals with the signature and permission of its artists. He admitted his mistakes and he’s been sober six weeks, thanks to kratom and he stated, “I use kratom for pain management”, then came up with his new project called DTSP TV. In this project, he films the respond of people that he approached on the street about what they love about St. Petersburg.